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Toilet Tank Fittings

    1. Dual Flush Tank Fittings

      Our dual flush tank fittings are chosen for most of the new toilets and also for old toilet upgrade as a dual flush retrofit kit, because they are superior to single flush kits in terms of water saving performance.

    1. Single Flush Tank Fittings

      Though the water volume could not be adjusted, the price of single flush toilet parts is generally lower than that of dual flush tank fittings. As a professional sanitary ware fittings provider ...

The toilet tank fittings include a complete set of fittings. Specifically, for a two-piece toilet, the accessories include fill valve, flush valve, push button/handle, gasket, and connecting bolts. However, for a one-piece toilet or wall-hung plastic cistern, the toilet accessories don't include gasket and connecting bolts because they are not necessary. If you need to see the picture of gasket and connecting bolts, please go to the categories of Toilet Parts/Installation Gasket or Connecting Bolts.

Our toilet tank fittings comply with various domestic and international standards, such as CE, WRAS, CQC, etc. So the compatibility is excellent. If you need custom products to match your special needs, just let us know and our R&D team will get it done for you. The fittings shown here are hot sellers on the market. You can make the choice here or make new combinations by visiting other categories.

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