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Fill Valve

    1. Bottom Entry Fill Valve

      Our bottom entry fill valve can be used for filling the toilet tank or cistern with water from the bottom. Normally the flexible hose is less likely to be seen when using a bottom entry toilet valve, thus the toilet will look quite neat.

    1. Side Entry Fill Valve

      As a kind of toilet tank parts, the side entry fill valve can fill the tank or cistern with water from left or right side. Generally the toilet tank or cistern comes with an inlet hole on each side. The hole closer to the water supply ...

Fill valve is a device to automatically fill a container with fluid until the fluid level reaches a preset level. It could be applied to toilet tank, plastic cistern, rain water recycle system, grey water recycle system, livestock feed tank and other occasions where a certain fluid level need to be maintained. Specifically, this kind of valve is mainly used as toilet tank parts for toilet tank and plastic cistern.

As one of important toilet spares, this valve could be divided into bottom fill valve and side fill valve according to the position of inlet. A side filling valve could be easily modified into a bottom filling type with a flexible hose. According to the inlet size, the valve is classified as different types - G1/2", G3/8", G15/16", etc. The inlet is usually made of plastic or brass. As the parts of a toilet, valves with different inlet sizes are suitable for different countries and regions. For example, a side entry fill valve with a brass inlet of G3/8" is mostly used in Western Europe.

All the valves complies with both Chinese and international standards, such as CE, WRAS, CQC, etc. Besides, we can also provide universal models for each market. If you need a special model, just let us know your idea. Our R&D team will develop a desirable product exactly as per your requirements. The fill valves shown on this page are mature models, while new models will be released from time to time.

  • Fill valve for toilet
  • Fill valve of plastic cistern for
    wall-hung toilet
  • Drawing
  • Fill valve complex
  • Fill valve complex
  • Fill valve complex
  • Fill valve complex
  • Fill valve complex
  • Fill valve complex

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