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Flush Valve

    1. Dual Flush Valve

      Water volume being flushed could be adjusted according to different toilets. A typical flush volume is 3/6 LPF, i.e. 3 liters per flush for half flush and 6 liters for full flush. Some water-saving toilets might be 3/4.5 ...

    1. Single Flush Valve

      Our single flush valve is made of ABS and POM, while we use anti-aging fumed silicone rubber instead of precipitated silicone for the sealing ring. As a toilet cistern parts, the valve can be used for more than 200,000 times ...

Flush valve is one of the frequently used toilet spares. It can discharge a certain volume of water from a container and stop automatically. It could be applied in toilet tank, plastic cistern and many other occasions where a certain amount of liquid need to be drained. Our product is mainly used for toilet tank and plastic cistern.

According to the flushing mode, our valve can be divided into two types, namely dual flush valve and single flush valve. As a toilet tank parts, the dual flush valve is a key component to a dual flush toilet. It has two flushing mode, the partial/half flushing mode for liquid waste and full flushing mode for solid waste. While the single flush valve outputs a same amount of water for both kinds of wastes. In most cases, the single flush valve is flapper flush valve. However, the dual stage valve could be easily modified into a single flushing type valve. According to our tests, the dual flushing valve could save as much as 40% water compared to the single flush model. So the dual type is welcomed by more and more customers across the world.

The valve is made of excellent materials, ABS and POM. For the seal ring, which is critical to preventing leakage, we adopted fumed silicone rubber instead of precipitated silicone to achieve better anti-aging performance. The lifespan of the valve could reach 200,000 times at least. Therefore we're confident enough to give 5-year warranty for each flush valve we made. Our product has got the CQC, CE and WRAS certificates.

If you need a custom product for your special applications, just tell us your requirements. Our professional R&D team will make it happen soon. The flush valves shown here are our classical models. New models are already on the way.

  • Flush valve for 2-pc toilet
  • Flush valve for 1-pc toilet
  • Flush valve for wall-hung plastic
  • Flush volume of the
    dual flush valve
  • Flush volume of the
    flapper flush valve

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