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Toilet Parts

    1. Push Button & HandleThe frequently used push buttons are in round shape with three diameters-38 mm, 48 mm and 58 mm. Other shapes like oval, rectangular are also available for different toilet styles. Normally the finish of push buttons or handles is chrome plating, while ceramic white or matt black is also popular in some areas.
    1. Toilet Tank GasketThe toilet tank gasket, also known as tank-to-bowl gasket, is needed for the installation of a 2-pc toilet. The raw material for the gasket is usually natural rubber, foam rubber and EVA. The shore hardness of our toilet tank gasket is about 35°±5°. As durable toilet parts, our gaskets could serve more than 5 years.
    1. Connecting BoltsThe toilet connecting bolts, or tank-to-bowl connecting bolts, is needed to connect the toilet tank and toilet bowl of a 2-piece toilet. The most commonly used materials include POM plastic, steel, stainless steel and brass. The bolts length and diameter could be different from toilet to toilet. Normally a couple of connecting bolts are needed for the 2-piece toilet installation.
    1. Toilet FlapperThe toilet flapper is a key part of the flapper valve. Along with the aging during its years of service life, flapper will gradually lose its water sealing capacity until the replacement. The most commonly used materials include natural rubber, ABS (with silicone sealing ring) and non-toxic PVC. According to the outlet size of the toilet tank, the toilet flappers could be categorized ...
    1. Other Toilet PartsOn this page, you will find some other toilet parts, such as adapter and filter, sanitary rubber ring, flush cistern pipes set, pipe nut, rubber cushion, bowl bolts set, and so on. Our aim is to provide one-stop service for your demands for toilet parts. Besides, our toilet component line is rapidly expanding.

In addition to the fill valve and flush valve, other toilet parts are also needed for the toilet installation. Some spare parts are also needed for toilet replacement or repairing. On this page, we introduced the frequently used accessories like push button/handle, installation gasket, connecting bolts, flappers, and so on.

Push button and handle
As one of the toilet parts, push button or handle is needed to trigger the flush valve. Some valves like cable flush valve, pneumatic flush valve, and bracket flush valve need special button/handle provided by manufacturer, while the rest manual operated flush valves need a push button or handle.

Installation gasket
The installation gasket is one of the necessary toilet parts for 2-pc toilets. As the holes in the tank and bowl are different for different models, proper gasket should be chosen in terms of thickness, diameter and height for the installation.

Connecting bolt
The connecting bolt is used for connecting the toilet tank and toilet pan of a 2-pc toilet. Our connecting bolts come in a variety of materials like plastic, stainless steel, brass, etc. Besides, the length of the bolt is available in a wide range.

Comparing with other toilet parts, the flapper is a more frequently used replacement part because the aging of rubber/silicone in it may cause the leakage of toilet. Our flappers are available for toilets with both 2" and 3" outlets. The material could be natural rubber, non-toxic PVC and ABS. The flapper comes with silicone sealing ring.

Other accessories
The other toilet accessories that we can provide include filters, adapters,sanitary rubber ring/wax ring, flush pipe, pipe nut, bowl bolts, etc. for toilet installation and maintenance.

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