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Toilet Cistern

    1. Wall Mounted Cistern

      Our wall mounted cistern is very stylish and elegant. You can make the choice according to the surroundings. Certain logo/ pattern/ picture is also available on the product by screen printing and laser-etching technique.

    1. Concealed CisternIt can save some space and make the room look better. This kind of cistern matches both toilet pan and squat toilet. Most concealed cisterns have a steel frame for better fixing and easier height adjustment. The frame of the toilet tank can also be saved to lower the overall cost, but the stability will be lowered at the same time.

Toilet cistern can reserve a certain amount of water for purpose of flushing waste in the bowl. With a cistern, the flushing toilet will have much better flushing performance, because the reserved water has a big potential energy, especially when the pressure of water supply line is low. Meanwhile, a toilet cistern can make the bathroom look better as it can partly or totally avoid pipe line exposure.

According to installation mode, toilet cistern comes in two types, i.e. plastic cistern with wall hung fixture and concealed cistern with an operation panel. Both of them can be used for toilet pan or squat toilet.

As a professional toilet parts supplier, WEIJIA can provide a variety of toilet accessories besides the toilet tank.

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