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Toilet Seat

    1. PP Toilet Seat

      You can see different shapes like round, elongated, D-shape, etc. The available sizes include 17", 18", 19", and so on. Besides, due to the products' different hinge brackets, our PP type seat is quite compatible.

    1. UF Toilet SeatThe UF toilet seat cover is also called duroplast toilet seat. This type of toilet seat mainly targets relatively higher end market. The UF material is stronger than PP plastic, leading to much better durability and anti-scratching performance. With this user-friendly design, you can save a lot of troubles and time during the routine cleaning.

WEIJIA is a famous toilet accessories supplier in China. Our toilet seats are designed to accommodate different styles of toilet bowls and suit human body comfortably. Our products include America standard seats, Europe standard seats, as well as non standard seats.

According to material, our toilet seats fall into two types, namely PP (Polypropylene) seat and UF (Urea-formaldehyde resin) seat. Most of our toilet seats are available in two types with different closing ways: regular closing and soft closing. Specifically, the soft closing types can be used for 50,000 times according to our tests. We have established an efficient quality control system covering function inspection, appearance and color check, etc.

The models listed below are quite popular in many countries and regions. Our R&D team keeps launching new models or upgrading the existing products quarterly. If you need special seats or other toilet parts that could not be found on our website, just tell us your requirements.

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