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Plastic Toilet

Why should we choose a plastic toilet? Most of the existing toilets are actually made of ceramic which is produced by clay. However clay is one of the non-renewable resources, and ceramic toilet could not be decomposed. So using ceramic toilet can produce obvious negative environmental compact. In comparison, the plastic we used for this high efficiency toilet is easy to procure and the product is both bio-degradable and recyclable.

The main advantages of a plastic toilet over ceramic products are listed below.

1. Recyclable material
An important advantage is that the plastic we used is totally recyclable. It is an outstanding eco-friendly toilet.

2. Energy-saving
According to the scientific calculation, producing 3,000,000 plastic toilets can save 94,000 tons of SCE (standard coal equivalent) in comparison to manufacturing a same number of ceramic ones. Accordingly, 27.6 tons of carbon dioxide emission, 1,290 tons of sulfur dioxide and 530 tons of ammonia compounds could be reduced. By choosing this toilet, consumer can reduce personal carbon emission remarkably.

3. Consistent quality
Due to the adoption of injection mould, the accuracy of plastic toilet is far better than that of a ceramic product. The high-strength plastic alloy we used can last for over 30 years.

4. Much more color choices
You can almost choose any color for the plastic toilet. Comparing to the ceramic material, the color of plastic could be much brighter, so it can perfectly match various toilet styles.

5. Easy to transport and install
The entire product, including toilet seat, cistern fittings and other accessories, is only less than 15 kg. Beside, the anti-impact performance is excellent.

6. Water-saving
As super water-saving toilet, it comes with a 3-inch outlet dual flush valve. The water consumption is only 2.6/3.7 LPF (liter per flush). Comparing with the 3/6 LPF toilets, this toilet can save 11,278 L of water for a four-person family per year.

Material: high strength plastic alloy
Outlet: S-trap (250/305/400 mm)
Size: 754×413×683 mm
Flush volume: 2.0/3.7 L (adjustable)
Accessories: soft-closing PP toilet seat and water-saving tank fittings

  • Standard colors
  • Color combination
  • Cistern fittings
  • Drawing

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