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    1. Dual Flush Tank Fittings

      Our dual flush tank fittings are chosen for most of the new toilets and also for old toilet upgrade as a dual flush retrofit kit, because they are superior to single flush kits in terms of water saving performance.

    1. Single Flush Tank Fittings

      Though the water volume could not be adjusted, the price of single flush toilet parts is generally lower than that of dual flush tank fittings. As a professional sanitary ware fittings provider ...

    1. Bottom Entry Fill Valve

      Our bottom entry fill valve can be used for filling the toilet tank or cistern with water from the bottom. Normally the flexible hose is less likely to be seen when using a bottom entry toilet valve, thus the toilet will look quite neat.

    1. Side Entry Fill Valve

      As a kind of toilet tank parts, the side entry fill valve can fill the tank or cistern with water from left or right side. Generally the toilet tank or cistern comes with an inlet hole on each side. The hole closer to the water supply ...

    1. Dual Flush Valve

      Water volume being flushed could be adjusted according to different toilets. A typical flush volume is 3/6 LPF, i.e. 3 liters per flush for half flush and 6 liters for full flush. Some water-saving toilets might be 3/4.5 ...

    1. Single Flush Valve

      Our single flush valve is made of ABS and POM, while we use anti-aging fumed silicone rubber instead of precipitated silicone for the sealing ring. As a toilet cistern parts, the valve can be used for more than 200,000 times ...

    1. Push Button & HandleThe frequently used push buttons are in round shape with three diameters-38 mm, 48 mm and 58 mm. Other shapes like oval, rectangular are also available for different toilet styles. Normally the finish of push buttons or handles is chrome plating, while ceramic white or matt black is also popular in some areas.
    1. Toilet Tank GasketThe toilet tank gasket, also known as tank-to-bowl gasket, is needed for the installation of a 2-pc toilet. The raw material for the gasket is usually natural rubber, foam rubber and EVA. The shore hardness of our toilet tank gasket is about 35°±5°. As durable toilet parts, our gaskets could serve more than 5 years.
    1. Connecting BoltsThe toilet connecting bolts, or tank-to-bowl connecting bolts, is needed to connect the toilet tank and toilet bowl of a 2-piece toilet. The most commonly used materials include POM plastic, steel, stainless steel and brass. The bolts length and diameter could be different from toilet to toilet. Normally a couple of connecting bolts are needed for the 2-piece toilet installation.
    1. Toilet FlapperThe toilet flapper is a key part of the flapper valve. Along with the aging during its years of service life, flapper will gradually lose its water sealing capacity until the replacement. The most commonly used materials include natural rubber, ABS (with silicone sealing ring) and non-toxic PVC. According to the outlet size of the toilet tank, the toilet flappers could be categorized ...
    1. Other Toilet PartsOn this page, you will find some other toilet parts, such as adapter and filter, sanitary rubber ring, flush cistern pipes set, pipe nut, rubber cushion, bowl bolts set, and so on. Our aim is to provide one-stop service for your demands for toilet parts. Besides, our toilet component line is rapidly expanding.
    1. Wall Mounted Cistern

      Our wall mounted cistern is very stylish and elegant. You can make the choice according to the surroundings. Certain logo/ pattern/ picture is also available on the product by screen printing and laser-etching technique.

    1. Concealed CisternIt can save some space and make the room look better. This kind of cistern matches both toilet pan and squat toilet. Most concealed cisterns have a steel frame for better fixing and easier height adjustment. The frame of the toilet tank can also be saved to lower the overall cost, but the stability will be lowered at the same time.
    1. PP Toilet Seat

      You can see different shapes like round, elongated, D-shape, etc. The available sizes include 17", 18", 19", and so on. Besides, due to the products' different hinge brackets, our PP type seat is quite compatible.

    1. UF Toilet SeatThe UF toilet seat cover is also called duroplast toilet seat. This type of toilet seat mainly targets relatively higher end market. The UF material is stronger than PP plastic, leading to much better durability and anti-scratching performance. With this user-friendly design, you can save a lot of troubles and time during the routine cleaning.
  • Intelligent Toilet SeatOur product is designed to be compatible with most of the existing toilets including those in public places like airports, hotels, hospitals. You can also use it for your home toilet retrofit. Thus far, the great product quality and user-experience have been widely recognized by our customers around the world.
  • Plastic ToiletDue to the adoption of injection mould, the accuracy of plastic toilet is far better than that of a ceramic product. The high-strength plastic alloy we used can last for over 30 years. You can almost choose any color for the plastic toilet. Comparing to the ceramic material, the color of plastic could be much brighter, so it can perfectly match various toilet styles.