Xiamen Weijia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
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  • Company Profile

  • Founded in 2007, Weijia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is originally a sanitary product provider focusing on the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of toilet cistern fittings like fill valve, flush valve, and push button. Now we have expanded our product line to toilet cistern, intelligent toilet seat, plastic toilet, and so on. Some ceramic toilet manufacturers, plastic cistern manufacturers, sanitary product dealers and distributors are also purchasing custom toilet accessories and service from us. Currently, besides China, our sanitary wares have entered the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, West Europe, and so on.

    In our toilet accessory plant, we now have 10 injection molding machines, 3 assembling lines, 1 laboratory, and about 70 employees. The monthly production capacity could reach 120,000 sets. Our management system complies with the ISO9001 standard and total quality management practice. The product failure rate is lower than 0.5%, while 95% products are shipped on time. By the end of 2013, we have got the CQC, CE and WRAS certificates. Our toilet cistern comes with a 5-year warranty.

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  • History

  • 2007
    As a toilet parts supplier, WEIJIA was founded in Xiamen City, one of the four biggest sanitary ware production bases in China. Our main customers are domestic ceramic toilet plants. We have two production lines, while the injection molding process is outsourced. About 35,000 sets of product can be produced each month.

    We got the ISO9001: 2008 certificate.

    WEIJIA started to exploit the international market. After our attending to several trade fairs, we began to export our toilet parts to the Southeast Asia, South America, Western Europe, and so on. To improve our production capacity and quality control system, we purchased new injection molding machine. Accordingly, our monthly production capacity increased to 120,000 sets.

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  • Sustainable Development

  • 1. Water-saving products-dual flush valve
    Dual flush valve can drain different amount of water to flush liquid waste and solid waste. Thus half volume of water can be saved when dealing with liquid waste. However, traditional single flush valve drains all the water in the cistern no matter what kind of waste is in the toilet. According to our experiment, a dual flush valve can save as much as 40% water over the single flush valve.

    2. Low carbon emission product-plastic toilet
    Unlike the ceramic toilets, plastic toilet is totally recyclable. Besides, the production process of plastic toilet is more eco-friendly. For example, during the production of 3 million plastic toilets, a total of 94,000 tons of SCE (standard coal equivalent) can be saved. That means we can reduce the carbon dioxide emission by 27.6 tons, sulfur dioxide emission by 1,290 tons, and ammonia compounds emission by 530 tons.

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  • Certificate

  • To suit more customer across the world, various standards are followed during the toilet parts designing, including UPC, CSA, CE, WRAS, AS, PSB and GB/T 26750-2011. By the end of 2013, we have got the CQC, CE and WRAS certificates. In addition, we keep tracking the variation of related standards, so that we can modify our toilet accessories in time.

    • CE certificate
    • WRAS certificate - IV10
    • WRAS certificate - OV20
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  • Quality Control

  • As a professional toilet parts manufacturer, we know that a well developed quality control system is indispensable to the consistent product quality. All staff is involved into our quality management system which is being improved continuously. From research and development, production, up to shipping, each step is under strict control. The product qualification rate is as high as 99.5%.

    • Flushing test
    • Pressure test
    • Endurance test
    • Button pressing force
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  • Company Tour

  • WEIJIA, since it was founded in 2007, has been focusing on the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of sanitary products like toilet tank fittings, toilet cistern, toilet seat, and so on. Now we have about 20 employees for the product R&D, quality insurance, marketing, and company management, while the number of production workers is around 50. In our plant, there are 10 sets of injection molding machine, 3 assembly lines and a laboratory. The total floor area is about 3,000 square meters, one third of which is for the warehouse.

    Our product quality management system covers from research and development, in-coming material inspection and storage, production to the final quality control. So the consistent quality of our toilet parts can be guaranteed. Our monthly production capacity is 120,000 sets, 50,000 of which are sold to different ceramic toilet production bases in China. Three containers of toilets parts will go to the overseas market. To increase our production capacity, we are planning to move to a bigger plant.

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