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Now we need some agents across the world to promote our toilet parts. Favorable policies, as shown below, will be provided.

1. About 5%-8% discount is offered on the basis of standard prices which are specified at the beginning of each season. Another 1% discount will be offered extra if the products carry our brand VGA.

2. Free samples (two sets for each model) will be provided. But the freight should be paid by agents.

3. We also provide various kinds of promotion material like high resolution product pictures, certificates, technical support brochure and tests reports from our lab or third party lab on request.

4. Free replacement is available for defective products, and will be shipped together with next order.

5. Extra 0.3~0.5% wearing parts will be offered.

6. Agents have the privilege to get the newly developed products.

7. If the annual purchasing quantity reaches a certain level specified in the contract, you will get an extra 0.5% commission of the total purchasing amount at the end of the year. Besides, the agent contract will extend for another year automatically.

8. If the annual purchasing quantity surpasses a certain figure written in the contract. We can reward you with another 0.8% commission for the exceeded part at the end of the year.

Basic requirements for agents

1. A certain market share and reliable marketing channel are needed on the local market. A certain annual purchasing amount should be promised in accordance with your scale.

2. The qualified agent should have a good credit standing, and can fulfill the contract.

3. The agent is willing to invest necessary resources in the product promotion.

4. For those who want to purchase our VGA brand products, an authorization agreement needs to be signed.

5. A sales report should be presented quarterly, updating the product promotion status.

6. Each season, you should provide an after-sales service report, informing us the market feedback.

7. A market competitiveness report should be delivered every three months. This report should cover the market trend and the analysis of main competitors on the local market, which can help us in the new product development.