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As a sanitary products supplier in China,WEIJIA is highly recognized by its clients for the professional toilet parts and customized service. Some cases are briefly introduced below. Welcome to contact us if you have any special demands.

1. An India ceramic factory - toilet tank fittings
This India ceramic company is located in Gujarat State, India. Our relationship dates from 2011. Its order now has become an open order.

2. A Mexican ceramic factory - installation gasket
This Mexican ceramic company mainly exports its products to the United States. It has stable needs for 2" and 3" rubber gaskets, we are one of its supplier.

3. A Bulgarian distributor – anti-frozen plastic cistern
The Bulgarian distributor focuses on the Bulgarian and Northern Europe markets. Due to the low temperature in winter, anti-frozen plastic cistern is needed. We chose a big cistern with liner of high density styrofoam. The client was quite satisfied.

4. A British hardware chain store - toilet seat
This chain store needs various toilet seats in different materials. They purchased the PP toilet seat and UF toilet seat from us, and other kinds of products from another supplier. To help to reduce the freight, we combine the shipment and load all the products in a 20'GP container for shipping.

5. A Spanish importer - concealed cistern
To match the wall hung toilet purchased in Chaozhou City of China, the client needs a small amount of concealed cisterns. However if these products were shipped alone, the freight for each cistern will be too high, while purchasing in large scale will occupy too much money. Finally, we accepted this small order and advise the Spanish client that the cisterns firstly go to Chaozhou and get shipped together with the wall hung toilets later.