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As a professional toilet parts manufacturer, we know that a well developed quality control system is indispensable to the consistent product quality. All staff is involved into our quality management system which is being improved continuously. From research and development, production, up to shipping, each step is under strict control. The product qualification rate is as high as 99.5%.

  • Flushing test
  • Pressure test
  • Endurance test
  • Button pressing force

1. Quality insurance during product development
Before a new model of toilet tank fittings is to be developed, we do a lot of investigation on the study of latest industrial standards and market trends. To make our toilet product outstanding in terms of performance, appearance, and cost-effectiveness, we never ignore every single detail in the research and development process. Each parameter is repeatedly verified, and optimization is made to facilitate the production. After first article, trial run and sample evaluation, the technical document will then be transferred to the production department for volume production.

2. In-coming material inspection
Before being accepted by the warehouse, each batch of raw material will be rigidly inspected. For some key components like seal washer for fill valve and silicone ring for flush valve, a range of tests, including aging test, soak test, etc. will be conducted. Only those that can pass the tests will be used for the production.

3. Periodical equipment maintenance and calibration
All the plastic molds, machines, testing instruments for the toilet parts production come with an exclusive maintenance form. Periodical maintenance and calibration are conducted to maintain the machines' accuracy and stability. Thus the unexpected fault of the machines can be greatly reduced.

4. Standardized assembly line
The assembly line is scientifically designed. When dealing with different kinds of product, the line will be reset at a proper speed and latest operation instruction manual will be presented. Thus each step will be under clear guidance and accordingly human mistakes could be avoided to a great extent.

5. Production process monitoring
A reasonable number of online-inspection QC are appointed to monitor the entire production line, especially the key steps. Thus any problems can be identified timely. The problems raised by the operating personnel will be collected so that the production department can make proper adjustment and improvement.

6. Full inspection and random inspection
For different kinds of toilet products, we choose different inspection methods, full inspection or random inspection. The laboratory QC will test the finished/semi-finished products according to the standards. The abnormal batches will be completely investigated to find out the causes. Then they will be reworked and rechecked, to ensure no defective parts goes to the next process.

7. Final quality control
The final quality control is the last quality inspection process before the products are delivered. During this process, we will check the product function, appearance, quantity, package, and some special items on clients’ request, so that we can ensure the consistent quality of our products.

8. All staff involved quality management system and continuous improvement
We involve each employee into our quality management system, guiding them to concern the product quality and keep improving each operation. Each process, quality test, and customer complaint are well recorded for every batch of products, making the whole process traceable.